Memorial Day Flower Tour

Save the date! Join us on Monday, May 30 for Flowers+History!

Frenchtown Memorial Day Flower tour

Monday, May 30 from 9 to 11 am

Why so early, you say? Well, it’s because of the blue flax. This time of year, the most magnificent show in the cemetery is the blue flax (see image above). Blue flax is an early riser, however. It blooms a single flower to each stem every morning, and drops its petals by noon. If you want to see the full show, drifts and waves of blue, you have to arrive while it’s still relatively cool. Come too late, and you’ll see nothing but a blue dusting of dried petals on the ground. 

It turns out humans prefer it to be relatively cool as well. 

Members of the Frenchtown Historical Foundation will be on hand to give informal presentations of the Frenchtown cemetery and the native plant restoration project. We’ll talk about the history of the site and the cemetery, and be happy to answer any questions you have too. 

If you haven’t visited the site, or if you are interested in plant restoration projects, or if you’d like to take a pleasant walk near town, this is the event for you. Dogs are welcome on leash, as there will be other people and dogs around.

When is it? Monday, May 30, from 9-11 am.

What’s in bloom? Blue flax, lacy phacelia, blanket flower, Rocky Mountain penstemon, and yellow lupine The site has been planted to Great Basin Rye grass, with patches of Snake river wheat grass, Indian rice grass, and other Columbia plateau natives. Large patches of mustard are also in bloom now, quite pretty in their own invasive, frustrating way.

Where is it? 8364 Old Highway 12, Walla Walla, WA

How much does it cost? It’s free! (But donations are always welcome — COVID was hard on nonprofit organizations)

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