Washington State Curriculums and Lesson Plans

Elementary School:  

Primary Elementary K-3

Pathway 1: Stories and Histories of Our Place
Pathway 2: Honoring the Salmon
Pathway 3: Giving Thanks: A Native American Cultural Tradition

Washington State History-4th Grade

Unit 1: Exploring the Pacific Northwest Prior to Statehood: Tribal Homelands
Unit 2: Living in Washington: Celilo Falls
Unit 3: Being Citizens of Washington: Salmon Recovery and the Boldt Decision

U.S. History-5th Grade

Unit 1: Encounter, Colonization, and Devastation: Tribal Homelands
Unit 2: Independence: Revolution and the U.S. Constitution in Indian Country
Unit 3: Legacy for Us Today: Elwha

Middle School:

Washington State History-7th Grade

Unit 1A: Territory and Treaty Making: The Point No Point Treaty
Unit 1B: The Walla Walla Treaty Council of 1855
Unit 1C: Medicine Creek Treaty of 1854
Unit 2: New Technologies and Industries: Hanford Nuclear Reservation’s Effects on Indian Country
Unit 3: Contemporary Washington State – The Boldt Decision: 40 Years Later (Boldt I & II)

U.S. History-8th Grade

Unit 1: Fighting for Independence and Framing the Constitution: Revolution and Constitution in Indian Country
Unit 2: Slavery, Expansion, and Removal: Jackson, Marshall, and Indian Removal
Unit 3: Civil War and Reconstruction: Indian Treaties: Goals and Effects
Unit 4: Development and Struggles in the West: The Dawes Act

High School:

U.S. History-11th Grade

Unit 1: Our Foundation: Foundational Documents and the Boldt Decision (Boldt I and II)
Unit 2: Industrialization and the Emergence of the United States as a World Power: The Allotment Act
Unit 3: Reform, Prosperity, and Depression: Indian Reorganization Act
Unit 4: World War II, The Cold War, and International Relations: Termination and Relocation
Unit 6: Entering a New Era: Nation-Building, Gaming, and Self-Determination

Contemporary World Problems-12th Grade

Unit 1: Human Rights – Constitutional Issues: A Tribal Perspective
Unit 2: Environmental Issues: The Boldt Decision
Unit 3: Globalization and the Economy; The Hanford Nuclear Reservation and Its Effects on Tribal Sovereignty
Unit 4: Civic Action and the Economy: Nation-Building and Taxation