FHF Research Guide

Frenchtown Historical Foundation Research Guide

In 2017, the Frenchtown board worked to develop a research guide for the Frenchtown Historic Site. Like an interpretive plan, a research guide defines principles for research and interpretive development for an area of historical interest.

The FHF Research Guide has several goals and therefore comes in several parts. It includes not only an introduction with an overview of the guide and the interpretive themes, but also a section on best practices when composing historical signage. The main body of the guide is comprised of historical texts and descriptions expanding upon each interpretive theme. Also included for readers’ convenience is an annotated bibliography of historical sources related to Frenchtown and the greater region.

Click here to read the introduction and guide to best practices in historical signage.

Click here to read the interpretive themes with detailed explanations and historical texts.

Click here to view the annotated bibliography.

Click to view a poster version of the research guide with pictures (parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

A full text version of the guide can be found here.


The Research Guide text was composed by Sarah Hurlburt, Nicki Day-Lucore, and Jessie Day-Lucore.