Are you related to Frenchtown?

The Frenchtown Historical Foundation is hosting a genealogy consult at Long Shadows tasting room on Wednesday, July 26th from 4-6 pm.

Anyone who has tried to research their family history knows how a few small connections can add up to a much bigger picture. Genealogical research is a big part of how we try to understand Frenchtown history, whether it’s as a descendant or as a history buff.

If you’d like to find out if you are related to the earliest settlers of the area, Frenchtown or otherwise, you should drop in and chat. Several of our board members have spent hundreds of hours looking at census records and parish records and surfing through ancestry, and they’ll be on hand to help.

We’ll have census records and other printouts, a research consultant with a computer hooked up to, and the Harriett Munnick Catholic Church Records of the Pacific Northwest to look through.

Thanks to our host Long Shadows, charcuterie boards and snacks will be provided, and glass pours will be available for purchase.

For best results, RSVP with your questions, or at least with a grandparent’s name and birthdate at

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