Confederated Umatilla Journal (CUJ)

The articles below appear in a regular rubric entitled “History, Tradition & Culture” in the Confederated Umatilla Journal (CUJ). They are reproduced here with permission. To use the articles, please cite the journal directly as your source.

2016-06-CUJ_Many_Tribes_Treaty_1855 : Article about the 1855 treaty

2016-05-CUJ_Place_of_the_Sunflowers : Pasxapa, the original name of the Walla Walla valley, means “Place of the Sunflowers”. History of the valley.

2016-04-CUJ_Traditional_housing : Historical changes in traditional housing on the Columbia Plateau.

2016-03-CUJ_Historical_Trauma : Current events article about historical trauma training for service providers.

2015-09-CUJ_Railroad_history : Problems and progress resulting from the construction of the Umatilla railroad in 1881.

2015-05-CUJ_Root_Feast : Events and practices celebrating First Foods season.

2015-03-Peluucpu_treaty :

2015-02-CUJ_Horse_Changed_Way_of_Life : Impact on Cayuse life of the introduction of the horse in the 1700s.

2015-01-CUJ_Celilo_Falls : Historical, religious and cultural significance of Cellilo Falls to the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation.

2014-12-CUJ_Holiday_traditions : Oral histories remember Christmas and Indian New Year.