Secondary Sources

From the Trailtribes website:

  • Lewis & Clark and the Early Fur Trade: Excerpts from the journals of early explorers 1805-1817, mostly describing encounters with various Native American tribes.
  • Establishment of Fort Nez Perces Descriptions of the building of Fort Nez Perces and the early trading interactions at the post (1818-1826).
  • Life at Fort Walla WallaBrief excerpt from the journal of a visitor to Ft. Walla Walla in 1835. He describes the Native Americans he encounters and a religious service.
  • Missionaries and Early SettlersDiscusses the arrival of missionaries in the area, the Whitman Incident, and the Cayuse War (1847-1850). It briefly touches on white settlers and intermarriage.
  • Making TreatiesDescribes Walla Walla Treaty Council of 1855. Focuses on the tribes’ desires to stay on their land, tribal understanding of the treaty, and treaty aftermath.
  • The Shrinking ReservationEspecially pertinent is the section on the “Land Allotment Act.”

From the Indian Land Tenure Foundation:  The history of allotments, including legislation, court cases, and treaties concerning allotment. Especially relevant is page on the History of Allotment and the Allotment Information for Alaska and the Northwest Area, which lists the allotment legislation in the region.