Bio/WHP: Pauline Walla Walla (c.1815-c.1875)

Pauline Walla Walla (c.1815-c.1875)

Very little is known about Pauline Walla Walla before her marriage. We can approximate her birth year as between 1810 and 1820, based on her listed ages in the 1860 and 1870 Censuses, but her birthplace is unknown.[1] In May 1846 she married Narcisse Raymond (1816-1887), an HBC trader from La Prairie, Quebec. They wed in Willamette, Clackamas County, Oregon Territory,[2] and had three children, all daughters.

1870 Census Record for Pauline Walla Walla. Her race is listed as “M” for “Mulatto.”

Both the 1870 US Census and the burial record for her daughter Cecile in October 1879 list Pauline as “Indian.”[3][4] In 1870, at least a quarter of the married women of the Frenchtown area were either Indian or métis, down from nearly forty percent in the 1860 census.

According to his record in the Hudson’s Bay Company Archives in Winnipeg, Narcisse entered service with the HBC in 1833 and worked as an “interpreter/runner/guide” in the Columbia District from 1833-1847. The record also notes that, “he was appointed sheriff of Walla Walla County in 1854 by the first Washington Legislature […] Through his wife, Pauline Walla Walla, he was considered to be related to numerous natives in the region.”[5] This is an indicator of the political and economic alliances formed via intermarriage in fur-trade society.

Pauline and Narcisse donated land to be used for the Catholic mission cemetery St. Rose in 1863, which was in use until it flooded in 1875.[7]

No death record for Pauline Walla Walla has been found. She appears in the 1870 Census,[8] but in the 1880 Census, Narcisse is listed as a widower.[9] Pauline’s three daughters married into the Dobson, Allard, and St. Denis families.

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