Bio: Louis Tellier


LOUIS TELLIER was born 05 Sep 1808 in Saint Charles, sur Richelieu, Canada, and died 1883 in Walla Walla County, WA1 . He married CAH-KATS-TSEE” TECUMSH ANGELIQUE”JOSEPHTE Abt. 1844. She was born Abt. 1820 in Idaho, and died 07 Jan 1913 in St. Ignatius, Montana Territory.

The Tellier family was among the earliest settlers of the Walla Walla Valley, arriving in 1834 from Canada via Montana with the Hudson Bay Fur Company. Mary Tellier married Isidore Beauchamp, another prominent settler. Tellier left the fur company after the Whitman Mission was started, working as a millwright for Dr. Marcus Whitman.

When an Indian unrest began, Tellier left the valley with his family and neighbors of Frenchtown for The Dalles. The family traveled to the city by canoe down the Columbia River.

The Telliers returned to the valley after the rebellion ceased. Their cabin, located a mile below the Whitman Mission, had been occupied by both the Indians and the Oregon volunteer forces during the Battle of Walla Walla, leaving little for the returning family. Their buildings and a large stock of cottonwood rails had been burned in several skirmishes.

Rebuilding the structure, the family lived there for several years. They later sold their property and spent the remaining years in Montana. Three boys and one girl were born to the Telliers. Their daughter Mary became the wife of Isidore Beauchamp.

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