Frenchtown Historical Foundation Privacy Policy

Frenchtown Historical Foundation: Privacy Policy

Last update: December 28, 2016

What information do we collect?

We collect voluntarily provided information from our members, including name, address, telephone number and email. We also collect voluntarily provided information from the guestbook pages at the physical site, which may include name, address, telephone number, email or comments about the experience.

We take pictures at our events and post those pictures to our website. If you find yourself in one of those pictures and do not wish for it to appear publicly, you may contact us and request that it be removed. We do not identify people not on the board of the FHF in the captions of pictures of our events.

We do not collect identifying information from visitors to our website.

Information provided on our Facebook page is subject to Facebook’s privacy policies, such as they are.

What information do we share?

We do not share identifying information from our member list with other organizations. In the event that we wish to share this information with another group in the future (for example, in a collaboration with another local historical organization) you will be contacted via the information you provided to ask for your permission.

How do we use the information we collect?

Member information is used to communicate information of immediate interest to members of the Frenchtown Historical Foundation. This information includes, but is not limited to, the annual newsletter, announcements and calls for participation in upcoming events and fundraisers, and updates on the Foundation’s activities. Our mailings are infrequent, but your membership money goes further if you provide us with your email. We will also contact you about renewing your membership.

Guestbook information may be used on our Facebook page or our website for publicity purposes, but only in such a way as to not directly identify the visitor. For example, we might say that November’s visitors to the site included people from Texas, Georgia, California, Washington, Idaho, Korea and Sweden, but we will not say “Jane McBean of 345 Mud Creek road, Frenchtown, WA, says hello and thank you!”

Who has access to the information we collect?

Members of the board of the Frenchtown Historical Foundation. Contact information for the executive committee may be found here.

How will I know if there are changes to this policy?

Members will be notified via the information they provided of any changes to this policy. Changes will also be posted to this page, and the “last update” date at the top will be current.

Where do you keep my information?

Our address list is stored with our other board information in a Google drive directory. Access to the directory is limited to FHF board members.

I have a question that is not answered here. Who do I contact?

Contact information for the executive committee may be found here.